Defined Benefit & Police/Fire Pension Plans

For employees in a 401(a) Defined Contribution or 457(b) Deferred Compensation plan, the cost savings provided by the FMPTF can be incredible. In many cases, FMPTF fees are less than half of the industry average. Participants in our program have access by phone, email and on-site to FMPTF representatives to help walk them through the intricacies of saving for retirement. The mutual fund lineup consists of mostly low-cost Vanguard mutual funds. A three-level oversight system helps participants know that the program is well managed and that fund offerings are closely monitored.

The FMPTF utilizes economies of scale in providing total pension administration, resulting in savings of up to 40% for the typical local government. The FMPTF has negotiated all contractual services with the best interest of its membership in mind. In addition to the cost savings, the FMPTF saves many hours of staff time and provides extensive oversight and retirement planning expertise.

While the FMPTF specializes in individually designed defined benefit plans, we can also take over the administration of your existing plan.

Contact us today for more information about defined benefit plan administration and let your League start working for your city!