Defined Benefit & Police/Fire Pension Plans

Managing a pension trust can involve many complex contractual relationships to provide any or all of the components of total pension administration. These may include administrative and actuarial services, custodial services, investment management and performance evaluation. As fiduciaries of a plan, trustees are obliged to prudently select the contractual relationships that service the plan in accordance with the stated objectives.

The FMPTF utilizes economies of scale in providing total pension administration, resulting in savings of up to 40% for the typical local government. The FMPTF has negotiated all contractual services with the best interest of its membership in mind. In addition to the cost savings, the FMPTF saves many hours of staff time and provides extensive oversight and retirement planning expertise.

While the FMPTF specializes in individually designed defined benefit plans, we can also take over the administration of your existing plan.

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